This Isn’t Your Mother’s Wrapping Paper

Mixed media 12×18 in.  Had this piece for awhile and naming it wasn’t easy, kept getting Universe/Space type things in my head…to sci-fi.  Then last week my kids were talking about how things today are so much more than what my wife and I had. Then a commercial came on stating how this isn’t your mother’s sedan or something to that nature. BINGO I knew I had a match… funny how that works sometimes ! This piece is heavy with texture for me and I tried using some metal pieces (thank you Fleetguard) I have had staring at me for years on my table. USEme USEme USEme… I like the effect and might have to do a few more incorporating them in my works. I like the way the site lines work in this piece…I wanted a quick but hard edge so I used a ruler. I also tried wax in this in a few key areas, not bad…the rest of the piece is heavy with tissue paper and line work.


4 thoughts on “This Isn’t Your Mother’s Wrapping Paper

  1. Love the hard and soft contrast in this painting. By the way, I loved the painted shoes in your picture. Did you do those? “They are too cool” – according to my eleven year old daughter.

    • That is how I got started back doing ART, my daughter had me do a pair of sneakers for her…then when I couldn’t find shoes as easily I turned to blank rectangles.

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