Each One Is A Finished Piece

Mixed media 9×12. I could of titled this the house of a thousand works, layer after layer of squares and lines built over each other. It had a nice rainbow effect but the squares became lost, the whole piece became a color. I then tried framing a few with marker and a silver paint stick, then a few became several dozen…and the piece starting breathing…or it could have been the fumes…I have a fan now !!!   Look closely at each little framed work, if blown up on a large canvas each could be a work to itself.

10 thoughts on “Each One Is A Finished Piece

      • I’m in LOVE with art, of all kinds … I look for a long time to see what my eyes show me!! I’m going to have a lot of fun looking through your blog. I’m not so good with the photog part yet, as I’m still learning myself, all the lighting and what not, but I really enjoyed the pieces of yours I did look through. When my kids are at school tomorrow, I will have more time to really look. Im so curious. So, you paint these all? is it all paint, or any pencil at all? Art if a form of ‘life’ for me 😉

      • It is a combination of several mediums…markers, water and permanent based, pencils, acrylic paint, ink, pens of various colors, tissue paper, gels and acrylic, paint sticks, spray paint, wax, chalk…anything that will provide color…rarely will I do a piece using only one medium. I am happy that my works bring you enjoyment looking thru them.

      • They make me super happy .. the colors are so vibrant, brilliant. And I love that you don’t stick to one particular ‘thing’ to use to paint, draw with, etc. Now, that is art at it’s most finest … finding new, fun ways to showcase whats up there in the brain, ticking away, waiting for realease. I’m going to add your blog to my ‘blogs I follow’ page .. is that ok with you? Your work must be showcased!! My photos are NOTHING compared to yours and neither is my art, but it makes me happy and thats all that matters, right

      • Yes you are right, our art is first and foremost for ourselves and people close to us…never underestimate your own work…we all have eyes that see something different and to be able to attempt to express that vision is what art is about…as to adding me to follow. thank you for doing so it is about sharing and I am more than happy to have you added.

      • Thank you so much 😉 For me, painting is a great form of relaxation or a way to get out of a grumpy mood. And blogging with the photos, just a journal I wanted to put together to share what I see as beauty, or just plain old fun, or interesting facts. Where abouts are you located at? I’m in vancouver, BC

    • It was a very interesting piece I did while exploring Squares, and I do mean explore…might have done 30 of them. But this was one of my top 5 out of that time. Sometimes a work sneaks up on you and you can’t help but wonder why it did happen on the last 3 pieces…lol. I appreciate the feedback and you are seeing what I hoped others would see also…I did cheat a little tho…leading people with the title, oh well 🙂

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