Going To Seed

Mixed media 12×18. What do you do with a piece that you love the colors but composition wise just doesn’t do anything for you…RECYCLE! A piece that was titled “111 Overton County,” got a second life and provided something special for me…”going To Seed.” This has some of the same elements as others in my Fall series (it is fact part of it) but I was a little more spontaneous in my line work. The image of the reflecting window helps to balance out my scene and actually gave me hope I was had something working.


4 thoughts on “Going To Seed

  1. Recycle! I love this method!
    Your piece does feel like a window view. Your site looks great. I like the two columns and thanks for putting up a bio!

    • This is possibly one of the freest pieces I have done in quite awhile. Using paint sticks quickly gives a interesting line as the tip gets starved vs. the normal fat and juicy line. I have used this window technique a couple of times and I am sure it will show up again.
      Hopefully the site is stable now, at least for awhile. That will give me a chance to teak maybe with some widgets, otherwise I am satisfied.
      Thanks for the kudos, means a lot.

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