Chaos in the Bay

A 16×24 mixed media using lots of stuff. I had this sketched out on a scrap piece of paper and first tried this as a kind of stain glass effect, I liked it but not as much as this piece…I can feel the movement and can hear the sounds and if I close my eyes smell the salty air…OK I WENT TO FAR…but it is water proof just in case.


8 thoughts on “Chaos in the Bay

    • Appreciate your comments…this piece was just published in Whispering Prairies “Kansas City Voice.” A yearly writing , poetry, and art sharing magazine done once a year, yes I am stoked as this was my first official appearance in a magazine. Hopefully not the last, but if so I always have my blog…thanks again

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  2. Hi Ken
    You asked for feedback.
    You could put up an “about” page with just a bit of information about you.

    Your art is very good and I like your descriptions of how you make the work.

thanks for feedback/comments

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