A 9×12 mixed media.  Really enjoyed doing this piece with the bright colors and the hues. The trees were fun and I love the way the branches and foliage work. The much larger trees without foliage seem to become just color variations and background noise.  This was all about nature and the wealth of colors we can see when we take time to look.


9 thoughts on “Between

    • I enjoyed keeping a theme and focus on the Fall series, it really made a difference in the quality of the pieces. Between has been a surprise of sorts, what I mean I like it especially the colors and the flow…however I didn’t think it would be as well recieved as it has been….thank you

    • Thank you very much…just breaking out to the world, still learning how best to show my works. Any feedback along presentation lines would be appreciated…viewed your site and couldn’t help notice the IT background, I’m sure that doesn’t hurt…lol I real liked your pieces and i see were share a love of trees and foliage.

      • Thank you. I like your work very much and will be happy to follow your progress. And like another blogger said, ‘Between’ needs to be a poster – for me it brings such a happy feeling, freshness, joy, opens imagination. And the longer you look at it, more you see, so you can discover something new every time. This is great! I just wish I can create something like that. 🙂 Best wishes. Yelena.

thanks for feedback/comments

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