A Window Cleaners Delight


9×11 in. mixed media.

High and dry again, even smells great…gotta love Mr. Clean.

Went back to some my earlier roots with this latest piece, used a heavy watercolor paper, the angles came from folds i made in the paper. Using gesso and protective finishes i kept building the shapes, color came from the not so clean brushes … using alcohol i kept filtering in the shades, during this process I accidentally picked up some paper from my blotter…which gave some nice texture so i worked with it. There is several layers of faint color laid over the whole piece using clear medium…helps fade my line work back into the work. The metal punchouts were the last addition, I didn’t want a total organic feel and felt they helped in that end. Kind of reminded me of perspective exercises I have done, thus the title ! These type of pieces always start out totally white, and that is the intent,  but color seems to always creep in before i finish. I guess if my work area was cleaner or my brushes, I might achieve my intended whiteout…oh well!

Huey Dewey and Louie

Mixed media 9×12 in. Part of the sharp angles group. Very thick with multiple layer of color and acrylic. Nice mix of circles, angles and triangles with accent lines/site lines thru out.  No hidden meaning or theme, just a pleasant journey with lines and color I took until I reached the end of the line.  The name came about from what I was seeing in the piece after I finished.

The Lighting Is So Sublime

Mixed media 9×12 in. In case you are wondering, no ruler was used nor harmed while making this piece.  When you blow this up the texture really shows up, it is an incredible pebbly surface, very proud of it.  As to the colors would you believe hi-liters? Had to lay down about 4-5 layers of acrylic and white wash until I achieved the right tone/hue… hi-liters provide such a rich color to work with. Notice the lines between the colors, the pen/ink I used reacted different to the acrylic leaving a different height and effect…nice.  I really like the way this piece turned out.

From Within We Go Outside

Mixed media 16×20 in. This is one of those pieces I mentioned that I worked on like clay.  I keep at it coating, shaping, redrawing,coating…etc, etc.  This piece hung around my studio for a few weeks before I could finish it. I would add a little then look at for hours before adding a bit more, very frustrating at times. There is quite a bit of texture around and in the white hole…one could almost reach thru…but watch out for the sharp quills !

5 Shells By The Seashore

Mixed media 16×20 in. I had considered to divide this into 4 equal parts and then mount it with about 1/4 in. space between all parts with a dark background. However the outcry from my home grown support system convinced me to delay it for now.  This has a very nautical feel to which I find  very relaxing to look at. Technique wise I didn’t employee as many layers in this piece as I normally would, because it started working for me early on, and I couldn’t see the need. Subconsciously this comes from a long series of beach pictures/photos I took at Tybee Island.

Chaos in the Bay

A 16×24 mixed media using lots of stuff. I had this sketched out on a scrap piece of paper and first tried this as a kind of stain glass effect, I liked it but not as much as this piece…I can feel the movement and can hear the sounds and if I close my eyes smell the salty air…OK I WENT TO FAR…but it is water proof just in case.

Acid Rain

A 9×12 mixed media. This work  most people (those that watch me during the creative process) want to turn horizontal with the white lines running vertically.  I can’t say I didn’t give that long thought, however to me that brings the darker colors more into play vs. what I was going for.  Bamboo?Wasn’t going for bamboo but it is rain in a dense forest, who’s to say I didn’t channel the bamboo feel subconsciously.


A 9×12 mixed media. Not sure this picture captures the true colors very well…example: the whitish bubbles around the lower left hand side are faint yellow, not as obvious as in this pic .   I did this piece during a time of frustration with outside issues, thus the title.  Can you see the hands going for my head and the brite yellows emitting from it, while I am surrounded with nice teals and whites?   I can’t say I felt anything but mellow and peaceful once I was finished, just like the teals and whites.

Can art be therapeutic???

Plum Wine Ice Cream

A 9×12 mixed media. Has a nice finish but not as heavy as the works that followed this. Fell back on using some old line textures to break up the yellows and oranges. This piece is about 4 layers deep with brite colors and blacks under the layers. I real like the effect of the arcs on the sharp lines. The whiting or reflected looking grays on the darker grays is actual coloring not photo issue.  Never had plum wine ice cream but I am sure it would give me a brain freeze or two.

4 Phase Shift

A 9×12 mixed media.  The texture is almost like rough sandpaper the result of multiple layers. The colors under the first few layers are very brite and vibrant, I kept toning it down after until it worked for me.  Not a ruler one was dirtied making these lines, I did use a circle form for the first layer tho …all hand shaped after that. I like how the circles break into the angles and change the feel of it…thus the shift.